OSB AG became ALTEN Consulting Services GmbH on July 3, 2023, after the company had already become part of the globally operating Engineering & IT Services Group, ALTEN Group, in 2021.

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Overview of ALTEN Consulting Services

Perfectly Positioned

ALTEN Consulting Services stands for excellent, flexible engineering and IT services, planned and carried out by professionals for professionals. Tailored to your individual requirements.

Our success validates this approach: Since our founding in 2003, we have worked our way to the top of the industry– a development which we and our team are proud of.

In this dynamic process, three things have nevertheless remained the same: the high demands we place on ourselves and our performance as well as the strong team spirit of our employees.

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From Professionals for Professionals

Our Team

The high level of expertise among our professionals is the central key to first-class performance. Contact partners at ALTEN Consulting Services bring expertise and specialist know-how to the table right from the start in order to rapidly evaluate upcoming projects and to achieve the necessary implementation steps.

On the one hand, our size provides us with the necessary flexibility for making the right experts and resources available for your tasks – even at short notice. On the other hand, we have retained flat hierarchies and the familiar working atmosphere which our employees seek and appreciate.


60 % engineering degree, 16 % computer science degree, 13 % other, e.g. technician, 8 % science degree, 3 % economics degree.

Tailored Teamwork

Always Competent, Always Flexible

Every customer is different; every project has its unique boundary conditions. We are thus flexible and tailor our teamwork to requirements.

We know that standard services and “off-the-shelf” contracts will not meet the demands of our customers. The boundary conditions are just too varied, each customer too unique. That is why, since the very founding of our company, we have always opted for flexible teamwork that is tailored completely to the needs of our customers.



Ethical behaviour with integrity is of essential importance to ALTEN and is at the heart of our corporate identity. Our internal processes and systems ensure correct and legally compliant behaviour in the performance of our activities. To this end, we offer all our employees and our external partners a secure whistleblowing system to draw attention to any irregularities.

EQS Integrity Line

Find out more about our ALTEN whistleblower system HERE.