OSB AG became ALTEN Consulting Services GmbH on July 3, 2023, after the company had already become part of the globally operating Engineering & IT Services Group, ALTEN Group, in 2021.

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Shipbuilding Engineering Expertise at ALTEN Consulting Services GmbH

Support in Shipbuilding Pojects

We support our customers on site or at our Competence Centers. Or though a combination of both. 

  • Design
    • Outfitting systems
    • Hydraulic components
    • Supply systems
    • Electrical design
    • Generation of technical drawings

  • Project Management
    • Coordination between design, production and subcontractors
    • Generation of technical specifications
    • Answering owner comments
    • Processing complaints and changes
    • Interface functions
  • Technical Documentation 
    • Production of equipment and system manuals as well as operational management plans 
    • Incorporation of technical changes
    • Transfer of technical documentation into IETD
    • Documentation analysis

  • Training
    • Planning, preparing and carrying out crew training 
    • Development and generation of teaching and learning materials for theoretical and practical training

This is only a selection of our competencies in the area of Shipbuilding.

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